Sunday, August 29, 2010

Me and my writing style!

What writing has a style? A few months ago I would have said my style was to get the paper and hope something comes to mind and write for a few hours. Back them I found it hard to write. Like every thing we have to be taught writing. I now know that I have a style and it seems to be working. I even enjoy writing. First by doing research writing I am learning something new. Not only how to do it but I learn about every topic that I write. That is a plus. I also see writing that I am doing has more meaning. I feel this is because I care more about it. My writing style consist of pulling the research then reading over them to see what I an interested in and how I will present it. I found that I like to make an outline. This not only keeps me focused but lets me know if I need more information. When I start to write one of the many drafts that I do, I do not worry about spelling or punctuation. The important thing is to get the writing out while you have it coming across your mind. There is always time to focus on the corrections once the paper is developed. Once I start it seems I always have the paper on my mind. I mean I just want to sit and continue it. Well that is all for now talking about it has got me in the writing mood. Hope your creative juices are flowing also.

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  1. Stephanie - writing about writing tends to make for more writing!