Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What will you do with the knowledge now?

So the button has been pushed and we are awaiting anxiouslyto see what all that hard work has brought us. For some it will be oh thank gosh I got through it. For others it will be I worked hard and it showed. Either way I hope we all come away from this class with more of a respect for our writing. This is going to be a major part of us in the future. Before we had the excuse we did not know. With completing two writing classes we now do know. It is up to us to put that knowledge into action. Outside of Kaplan we may never write another research paper but we will write. No matter if it is a note to a friend, a correspondence to a fellow worker or just a journal entry. We owe ourselves and our instructors a professional well written piece of work. So if for nothing else do it for yourself.

I can not begin to tell you how much I dreaded having to take a writing class. I know I have made myself a better person for it now. I will use writing now in many ways during my days. It may just be to express myself in my journal. I know if anyone reads it in the future they will say "She expressed that well."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The End Is Near

The end is near for the completion of our paper. It is a reliefs but also sadness. I have become attached to my paper. I know submitting it means class is over. I have enjoyed interacting with the class to learn all the different techniques to improve ourselves. My attitude for writing is definitely different then what it was when I started this class. Thank you professor and classmates for helping me become a much better writer. I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment. As I said before I am proud of what I wrote. I also know that I have grown through this process. I think another topic I would like to write on would be leukemia. Several people I know have been diagnoses within the last few months. I think I would like to understand it more and make others aware of it. Well that is all for now. I am going to proof read again. :(

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Putting It All Together

Well it is almost time to submit our master piece. Reviews are back and all we have to do now is organize and put on those finishing touches. I submitted my paper to the writing center and found it to be very helpful. There is a lot of polishing that I have to do now but I figure by this weekend I will framing my paper and putting it on the wall. Not really but it does feel like a masterpiece to me. I put a lot of hours and learned a lot from this paper. Isn't that what learning is all about though. There is even a part of me that would like to enroll in comp.lll. Wow can I really be saying that. I think the change in me came from having professional individuals who care about what they are teaching. It makes sense to me now when I pick up a pencil. I know where to start and how to fill in the blanks. I use to feel, even in my job, that if I had to write something professional would I be taken seriously. Now I know that I can play with the big boys. This is something that I will definitely continue in my career. I know every class has an essay to write and I now say "Bring It On."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Peer Review

Peer should equal friends and anything coming from a friend should be in our best interest. There are times when we think we may not want to listen to what a friend is telling us but remember it is coming to us to help us. This is what will be happening with our drafts this week. Remember we all are here to help each other. We may not agree with some of the reviews written or even use them but one thing that I personally will do is to listen to the advice with an open mind and evaluate it to see if it will add substance to my paper. I am grateful to anyone offering me advice and hope you feel the same about me offering help to you. Good luck with your papers and remember we are all a class and we all make one.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Button Has Been Pushed

Well another paper has been submitted. I just pushed the submit button and there is no turning back now. The draft for my final writing paper is history now. It feels good knowing that I have been working on this for so long and now it will be reviewed. Doing a research paper really becomes a part of you. I am proud of myself. This paper definitely was easier than last term. Perhaps I am getting the hang of it after all. This is a very big accomplishment for me because I never thought I would like writing as much as I do.
Looking forward to submitting the final draft.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Influential Writing
Today I am going to talk about how my topic of mental health concerns after a natural disaster can be influential to future writing. I chose a topic that is close to my heart. I have connections to Hurricane Katrina and saw what the residents have and are still going through. Tonight my Son and I were just talking about how I could use this research for future writing. I think I will keep on eye on how the research will develop on this topic. Since the awareness of mental health issues, after a natural disaster, is relatively new I am sure there will be more research done to follow the studies I found when researching. I am interested that when another natural disaster happens if mental health intervention will be a concern that takes priority.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Me and my writing style!

What writing has a style? A few months ago I would have said my style was to get the paper and hope something comes to mind and write for a few hours. Back them I found it hard to write. Like every thing we have to be taught writing. I now know that I have a style and it seems to be working. I even enjoy writing. First by doing research writing I am learning something new. Not only how to do it but I learn about every topic that I write. That is a plus. I also see writing that I am doing has more meaning. I feel this is because I care more about it. My writing style consist of pulling the research then reading over them to see what I an interested in and how I will present it. I found that I like to make an outline. This not only keeps me focused but lets me know if I need more information. When I start to write one of the many drafts that I do, I do not worry about spelling or punctuation. The important thing is to get the writing out while you have it coming across your mind. There is always time to focus on the corrections once the paper is developed. Once I start it seems I always have the paper on my mind. I mean I just want to sit and continue it. Well that is all for now talking about it has got me in the writing mood. Hope your creative juices are flowing also.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well just another day in the life of a midlife student. My math class is really challenging my brain. I am not sure how much of a brain I will have left when this course is over. Just when I think I am doing good. Dread lock creeps back up. I am to the point that I need a scientific calculator. My son advised me to wait and he would bring me his over the weekend. He did and I was so excited to start my homework. I knew I would finish this chapter in a reasonable time not like the others 3-4 hours later. First question comes up and when I go to type it in the calculator my face dropped. What the heck do all those abbreviations mean? Well that was not what I expected so needless to say the calculator ended up across the table and I was back to pencil and paper. You know what ever happened to things being easy?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Follow your heart

Well today is the day to get a lot of research done for my comp. project. So far the topic has changed at least 5 times. But hey don't they say "Writing is a work in Progress." I surely am demonstrating that. As I sit here enjoying the somewhat cool breeze of soon to be a 105 degree day I once again get answers to the question"Why me God." I was always a person to have control of my life until ten years ago. I still do have the control just don't really understand the direction it is going into until days like today. I not only made the change of going back to school this year but also did a 180 on my career. I worked as a supervisor on financed auto loans. We collected and reposessed Stressful. Thank God I got the esculated calls so I could talk to someone. I always managed to get a relationship with the calls and get what I needed from them. MONEY One day my mind told me I needed school and healthcare. So here I am. I am very much a people person and care about people. Oh also I like to talk which helps. Today from doing my research and reading about the medical hardships people face I knew God was calling my in this direction for a reason. Again like they say, "Sometimes we get unanswered prayer." My prayers are being answered just not like I am expecting. So I guess I am really a work in progress too. Until next time have a great day.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can't count

Ok I need some opinions here. I just came back from Wal-Mart and got very irritated with my cashier. This is not a trait that I tend to display. My total for my bill came to $15.07. I gave the cashier $15.12. By the way this was a cashier working in the Pharmacy department. He looked at me and started to give me some of my money back. I inquired what was he doing and he responded you gave me to much. I then started to count out the money and explain to him that I did not have the exact change but the change that I did give him was because I could get a nickel back not pennies. He then preceded to tell me yes but it was to much. I explained to ring it up in the register and then it will show how much change he was to give me. He then said S--- and took out the nickel but still looked very confused. My thoughts were here I am out of work and if I applied for a job here I would get I the same pay as him perhaps a little more. And the language where was the customer service? As I preceded out the door I went out of my element again and advised the manager who was standing there of the issue. He then told me they had several complaints on him. My thoughts were why is he still there? Put him out collecting carts in the 104 degree sun and then he will learn to count. Perhaps the most disturbing is that we are enabling him to due this by excepting the behavior he is exhibiting. I don't know why this irritated me so much. What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Give It A Try

OK I am the person that blogging was the farthest from my concerns. But look here I am. Boy my life is a changing. This last year had been a lot of changes for me. The biggest one being I turned "50". Really I don't feel any different but to think I have been alive for 50 years. My first birthday card was from AARP. At least they were thinking about me. This year has been a lot of new beginnings. Look at me I am attending school and doing really well. I once was told I say on the bottom but look at me now I am soaring high. I became unemployed and in some ways it was a blessing. I got to do what I love and that is take care of my house and yard and spend time with family and friends. I am so relaxed but I am also ready to go back to work. I have this gift of taking care of others so I have a little job now taking care of a 89 year old gentleman. I cook for him and take him places he needs to go and most of all talk with him. We have grown close and he is like my family. Yea a lot of my friends describe him as my husband since I am divorced. One day they will get what is coming to them. My family brings me the most happiness. I have two wonderful sons Ron just moved to South Carolina and works for Boeing and Steve will start his senior year of college. They both are excited I am back at school until they receive several texts saying HELP. Really they are my strength. My brother who is retired also lives with me. We get into all kinds of trouble together. It is great having him here since he is the only family I have other then my sons. So now that you know a little more about me I am going to try this blob thing and who knows this year I may get awarded Ms. Blogger. Will keep you informed of the challenges I face going back to school.