Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well just another day in the life of a midlife student. My math class is really challenging my brain. I am not sure how much of a brain I will have left when this course is over. Just when I think I am doing good. Dread lock creeps back up. I am to the point that I need a scientific calculator. My son advised me to wait and he would bring me his over the weekend. He did and I was so excited to start my homework. I knew I would finish this chapter in a reasonable time not like the others 3-4 hours later. First question comes up and when I go to type it in the calculator my face dropped. What the heck do all those abbreviations mean? Well that was not what I expected so needless to say the calculator ended up across the table and I was back to pencil and paper. You know what ever happened to things being easy?

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