Saturday, August 14, 2010

Follow your heart

Well today is the day to get a lot of research done for my comp. project. So far the topic has changed at least 5 times. But hey don't they say "Writing is a work in Progress." I surely am demonstrating that. As I sit here enjoying the somewhat cool breeze of soon to be a 105 degree day I once again get answers to the question"Why me God." I was always a person to have control of my life until ten years ago. I still do have the control just don't really understand the direction it is going into until days like today. I not only made the change of going back to school this year but also did a 180 on my career. I worked as a supervisor on financed auto loans. We collected and reposessed Stressful. Thank God I got the esculated calls so I could talk to someone. I always managed to get a relationship with the calls and get what I needed from them. MONEY One day my mind told me I needed school and healthcare. So here I am. I am very much a people person and care about people. Oh also I like to talk which helps. Today from doing my research and reading about the medical hardships people face I knew God was calling my in this direction for a reason. Again like they say, "Sometimes we get unanswered prayer." My prayers are being answered just not like I am expecting. So I guess I am really a work in progress too. Until next time have a great day.

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  1. Hey Stephanie, I agree with you, "writing is a work in progess" I am findng the same thing, the more research I do, the more I keep changing my mind. Not so much about the topic itself but about the main points I want to focus on. Oh well, guess it will all come together in the end. Good luck to you. Teri