Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Give It A Try

OK I am the person that blogging was the farthest from my concerns. But look here I am. Boy my life is a changing. This last year had been a lot of changes for me. The biggest one being I turned "50". Really I don't feel any different but to think I have been alive for 50 years. My first birthday card was from AARP. At least they were thinking about me. This year has been a lot of new beginnings. Look at me I am attending school and doing really well. I once was told I say on the bottom but look at me now I am soaring high. I became unemployed and in some ways it was a blessing. I got to do what I love and that is take care of my house and yard and spend time with family and friends. I am so relaxed but I am also ready to go back to work. I have this gift of taking care of others so I have a little job now taking care of a 89 year old gentleman. I cook for him and take him places he needs to go and most of all talk with him. We have grown close and he is like my family. Yea a lot of my friends describe him as my husband since I am divorced. One day they will get what is coming to them. My family brings me the most happiness. I have two wonderful sons Ron just moved to South Carolina and works for Boeing and Steve will start his senior year of college. They both are excited I am back at school until they receive several texts saying HELP. Really they are my strength. My brother who is retired also lives with me. We get into all kinds of trouble together. It is great having him here since he is the only family I have other then my sons. So now that you know a little more about me I am going to try this blob thing and who knows this year I may get awarded Ms. Blogger. Will keep you informed of the challenges I face going back to school.


  1. Stephanie - it sounds like turning 50 brought much positive change to your life!

  2. Hi Stephanie, Going back to school after all these years is hard but we can do it.