Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What will you do with the knowledge now?

So the button has been pushed and we are awaiting anxiouslyto see what all that hard work has brought us. For some it will be oh thank gosh I got through it. For others it will be I worked hard and it showed. Either way I hope we all come away from this class with more of a respect for our writing. This is going to be a major part of us in the future. Before we had the excuse we did not know. With completing two writing classes we now do know. It is up to us to put that knowledge into action. Outside of Kaplan we may never write another research paper but we will write. No matter if it is a note to a friend, a correspondence to a fellow worker or just a journal entry. We owe ourselves and our instructors a professional well written piece of work. So if for nothing else do it for yourself.

I can not begin to tell you how much I dreaded having to take a writing class. I know I have made myself a better person for it now. I will use writing now in many ways during my days. It may just be to express myself in my journal. I know if anyone reads it in the future they will say "She expressed that well."


  1. Stephanie - music to my ears!! Best of luck to you, fellow mid-lifer!!

  2. Ok Professor here we go with another semester. I know it will be a good one for both of us. For you not as good as your last cause that was your best with us. :) I looked at my classes and they seem to be very interesting. If you ever get chance I will keep blogging add me to your class list.

  3. Hi Stephanie -- what classes do you have this term?