Saturday, September 18, 2010

Putting It All Together

Well it is almost time to submit our master piece. Reviews are back and all we have to do now is organize and put on those finishing touches. I submitted my paper to the writing center and found it to be very helpful. There is a lot of polishing that I have to do now but I figure by this weekend I will framing my paper and putting it on the wall. Not really but it does feel like a masterpiece to me. I put a lot of hours and learned a lot from this paper. Isn't that what learning is all about though. There is even a part of me that would like to enroll in comp.lll. Wow can I really be saying that. I think the change in me came from having professional individuals who care about what they are teaching. It makes sense to me now when I pick up a pencil. I know where to start and how to fill in the blanks. I use to feel, even in my job, that if I had to write something professional would I be taken seriously. Now I know that I can play with the big boys. This is something that I will definitely continue in my career. I know every class has an essay to write and I now say "Bring It On."

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