Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The End Is Near

The end is near for the completion of our paper. It is a reliefs but also sadness. I have become attached to my paper. I know submitting it means class is over. I have enjoyed interacting with the class to learn all the different techniques to improve ourselves. My attitude for writing is definitely different then what it was when I started this class. Thank you professor and classmates for helping me become a much better writer. I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment. As I said before I am proud of what I wrote. I also know that I have grown through this process. I think another topic I would like to write on would be leukemia. Several people I know have been diagnoses within the last few months. I think I would like to understand it more and make others aware of it. Well that is all for now. I am going to proof read again. :(

1 comment:

  1. Stephanie - proof away! Oddly, I enjoy proofreading and have frequently made a living doing it! I'm glad the class was so positive for you.